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How to Select a Wireless Network Card

Wireless network card actually is a wireless terminal that enables your computer to receive the network signal. Wireless network cards are mainly divided into built-in integrated wireless network cards (for notebooks and smart phones) and external wireless network cards such as USB-based adapters and PCI cards. According to different interface types, there are USB-based adapters, PCI cards, M.2 cards and PCMCIA cards (rarely used now) .
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Date Added: 2020-10-27
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What’s an Industrial Panel PC and How to Choose It?

An industrial panel PC is a combination of the processing unit, I/O interfaces and the display. Its all-in-one structure makes it easy to install, getting rid of running a cable from the computer to the display. In addition, users no longer need to test the compatibility between the computer and the display and just use them like using one device. Industrial panel PC is widely used in human-machine interaction, especially the use of touch screen allows users to control the machine simply and more efficiently.
Applicable products: PPC-MX8MN-10A, PPC-RK3288-215B/H, PPC-RK3288-10A
Date Added: 2020-06-17
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Computer and Digital Technology Realize Intelligent Agriculture

Computer and digital technology makes agriculture more intelligent through digitalization of factors related to farm crops' growth. Data is collected, transmitted and processed, and then the farm management staff are instructed to better regulate the growth environment of crops, realizing intelligent agriculture and optimizing production.
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Date Added: 2020-05-09
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