Client Computing

Client computing is a computing model in which the client communicates with the server over a network, and shares its resources, applications and data with one or more clients.

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Polyhex provides communication hardware that can build up your VOIP, video conference and direct broadcast system, offering you easier and closer communication at lower cost.

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Intelligent Transportation

Polyhex provides intelligent transportation hardware to make transportation system more efficient, secure and safer, including AFC gateway systems, control PC, in-vehicle infotainment and surveillance systems, etc.

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Interactive Kiosks

Our interactive kiosks provides convenient self-service experience. They generally comes with HD display for advertising and simple HMI for fast response. We are determined to design and produce the best interactive kiosks for you.

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Industrial Control & Automation

From compact embedded fanless box PC to responsive HMI panel PC, Polyhex provides high-quality industrial control & automation computers to ensure stable 24/7 working in extreme environment. ​

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E-payment is also called electronic payment or online payment system, which was made to meet the needs of internet-based banking and online shopping. E-payment is a more effective and efficient transaction that can be fulfilled in seconds, and customers just need an internet connected device.

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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance systems are widely used in industrial monitoring, security surveillance and IoT industry. Polyhex provides customized high-definition Video surveillance system supporting 24/7 working condition.

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Network Security

Polyhex Technology builds firewalls, IDS and IPS to protect your network and data from intrusion and damage.

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Digital Signage

Digital signage processes and demonstrates information to people through combining Internet and multimedia. Most of them features large screen , high-definition display and vivid videos, and supports interaction with customers responsively. Digital signage has been widely used in finance, telecommunications, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels, public places and other fields.

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IoT Edge Computing

Edge computing is "a part of a distributed computing topology in which information processing is located close to the edge - where things and people produce or consume that information.” Generally, data is collected and then transferred to a data center or cloud to be processed and analyzed, which is a central location handling huge amount of data at one time, while edge computing allows data to be processed and analyzed at edge nodes rather than a data center or cloud.

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