OEM/ODM Service


Date added: 2020-11-16

鈥婣 prototype is important in design and manufacture processes. Select your hardware and confirm the solution proposal, and then your prototype will be finished quickly(10 working days for system-level products, 40 working days for board-level products). A prototype visually shows you its outlook design, and you can feel the texture and most importantly test its functions. A prototype helps you to ensure if it's a perfect fit for your program.


Date added: 2020-11-16

As a customer you only need to select your hardware in this process, and you can download and fill in the Customer Requirement Form directly or work with us on Requirement Analysis and Solution Development. Our professional engineers offer comprehensive customized service from selection of every component to case design, and you won't worry about leaving out important details.

Branding & Labeling

Date added: 2020-11-16

Building your brand and making it more impressive in your customers' mind is fundamental in marketing. We understand its importance and dedicate to improving the out-of-box impression, which includes case branding, package branding and label design. This involves your brand logo, product name, color and material to customize the case and package, and you can provide information you want to convey for label design.

Testing & Certification

Date added: 2020-11-16

We have strict tests to ensure the safety and quality of our products, including full-function test, AOI test, ESD test, shockproof test, waterproof test , high & low temperature test and aging test. Our self-owned manufacture facility is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485(medical devices), and all products accord with corresponding quality standards. Besides, we offer certification service such as 3C,CE, FCC, UL and RoHS certificates, etc.


Date added: 2020-11-16

After prototype confirmation and pilot run, we begin to conduct manufacturing. With 60K+ square feet manufacture facility, Polyhex supports 20K+ monthly production capacity for both board-level and system level products, ensuring on-time delivery. We continue upgrading manufacturing equipment and training our facility staff for better management and improved production capacity.

Inventory & Fulfillment

Date added: 2020-11-16

Polyhex guarantees sufficient inventory and 5-10 years supply cycle. We cooperates with world wide silicon venders including Intel, NXP, Microsoft, Nvidia, Rockchip, Allwinner, ST, Marvell, AMD and HiSilicon, and we also build up strong supply chain with various material suppliers.Let us design and manufacture your hardware, we will fulfill customized service and ship your hardware directly to you on time from shenzhen, China.

Questions & Answers

Date added: 2020-11-04

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