Main Features:

Small Size Embedded Motherboard based on RK3288 Quad Core CPU

Board Description:

EMB-RK3288-MJ is a customized motherboard for a smart face recognition access controlling system. It is onboard with RK3288 Cortex-A17 Quad Core CPU, 1GB DDR3 Ram and 8GB eMMC. The board is connected with a touch panel by MIPI port, a doorbell and door lock by GPIO port, and a camera for collecting face information. It is thin and small in size and with ultra-low power consumption.


•Onboard with Rockchip RK3288 Cortex-A17 Quad Core CPU
•Onboard 1GB DDR3 (up to 4GB)
•Onboard 8GB eMMC (default, 16G, 32G optional)
•Video out: 1 x MIPI DSI, 1 x HDMI, 1 x EDP
•Video in: 1 x MIPI CSI, 1 x 8bit Parallel CIF camera IN
•1 x USB OTG, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x Lan, 1 x POE
•4 x GPIO, 2 x RS232
•TP: 1x IIC Interface Touch Panel
•Support Android 7.1, Linux Debian 9

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