Edge Computing Integrated Gateway Open Hardware Platform

Main Features:

Model: NCF-N1043J-102B/NCF-N1043J-103B

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NCF-N1043J-103B is an industrial edge computing integrated gateway open hardware platform, thus customers can develop custom APP based on the provided linux system, realize flexible deployment in the edge computing gateway, provide intelligent connection and data processing services nearby, and let different types of applications and data processed on the network Edge. It realizes real-time business, intelligence business, data aggregation and interoperability, security and privacy protection and other key intelligent services, effectively improving the efficiency of business intelligent decision-making.

Main Features:

鈥 The NCF-N1043J-102B/NCF-N1043J-103B hardware platform can support multiple interfaces such as USB, RS485, RS232, WIFI, 4G, 5G and Ethernet, etc.
鈥 It can support up to 64GB of industrial-grade storage capacity, realize fast reading and writing of data, support 4GB DDR4 memory, and improve operating efficiency
鈥sing reliability design to improve the reliability of the system. Supports fanless self-heating method to meet the requirements of reducing energy consumption
鈥 The number of Ethernet connections and rich interface types can be expanded through the XFI interface
鈥 Supports 802.3af/at POE power supply function
鈥 Industrial standard temperature range and wide temperature range for options to meet the needs of different application scenarios


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