Main Features:

8.8 inch RK3288 based Fanless Panel PC with Touch Screen

The PPC-RK3288-881 panel PC utilizes the Quad-Core Rockchip RK3288 processor, onboard 4G RAM and 32G Flash, making it energy efficient while strong enough for offerring multimedia-capable power. The PPC-RK3288-881 features a bright and beautiful, industrial grade LED back-lit panel with luminance to 500 nits. This eye-catching display offers a narrow, capacitive touch- screen panel that can be used with ease while operating in multiple industrial applications. Featuring a slim and durable aluminum chassis with an IP65-rated front bezel, the PPC-RK3288-881 is sleek enough for customer-facing applications, yet rugged enough for vehicles.

• Quad Core RockChip RK3288 1.8GHz CPU

• Onboard DDR3 1066MHz 4GB memory and 32GB NAND flash (default)

• Multitouch Capacitive panel

• High luminance of 500 nits

• Low power consumption, fanless design

• Supports Yocto embedded Linux, Ubuntu Linux, and Android.

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